Soap ~ Cannabis Flower


  • Made with Organic Hemp oil
  • Loaded with healthy Omega-3’s
  • Smells of sweet, earthy Cannabis flower

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An earthy bar of soap filled with lots of green goodness for your skin. This soap smells of sweet, earthy cannabis flower, is colored with chlorella powder and spirulina powder and has Organic Hemp oil that is loaded with healthy Omega-3’s and GLA’s. Chlorella and spirulina are not only good for your insides but have amazing skin benefits as well.

All soaps are handmade with high grade oils and hand cut in small batches. Please allow for variation in color and size of bars. Each bar weighs approximately 4 oz. These soaps are made from scratch and do not contain any bar hardeners. To extend the life of your homemade soap keep it on a ventilated soap dish and let dry between uses.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sustainably Harvested Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Water, Lye, Chemical Free Chlorella Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder


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